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Contemporary Tantric Massage In London
2014-04-02 | 16:36 by: Monica Agnelli

Tara for Tantra!
Most of our London customers find an erotic massage session their preferred way to relax. Many of them call it Tantric massage, where they actually mean erotic massage.
We forgive them. London is so full of all sorts of massagers who have inflated the meaning of Tantric massage that this Tantric massage has become synonymous with erotic massage.

Of course, we should not generalize too much. Indeed there are a number of customers who sincerely appreciate a contemporary Tantric massage. Male and female customers, men and women of all ages and all walks of life who have at one point discovered the sensations of Tantric Touch.

Our Masseuses Know How To Perform A Sensual Massage
2014-03-20 | 15:25 by: Monica Agnelli

A sensual massage is one of the popular ways of stimulating the libido. The use of massaging methods for sensual purposes is as old as its use for therapeutic reasons. Many couples use massage as foreplay. Usually including a whole body rub, a sensual massage requires both the masseur and the client to be nude.

All masseuses here at Carezzia London are specialized in sensual massage. These masseuses apply sensual massage techniques to arouse sexual feelings by strokes in erogenous areas of the body. These are typically concentrated on the pubis and breasts for women and the genital area in case of men.

Oh my - what a girl!
2014-03-12 | 15:15 by: Monica Agnelli

Oh my – what a girl! That’s what we felt the moment we met with Tara. Listening to her and the way she looks at erotic Tantric massage in London was an eye-opener. Even to me, who has seen lots of top masseuses over the past years.

This Tara stands out. Way above the 'average top masseuse'. She is new with us, but not new in the world of erotic tantric massage.

Sensual Massage London Is Cash Only
2014-03-10 | 18:06 by: Monica Agnelli

The nature of the adult massage business dictates a specific credit card processing procedure in order to prevent fraud. We have concluded this has become too complicated for both our operators and our customers. So for the sake of discretion and convenience Carezzia London only accepts cash.
So whenever you book your relaxing massage with us, make sure to have your cash ready.

What To Do When Your Favourite Masseuse Is Not Available
2014-02-28 | 01:59 by: Monica Agnelli

Many people who regularly enjoy sensual relaxation will become at one time experts to discern between an average masseuse and an amazing one. We have many regular customers here in London who frequently enjoy sensual relaxation. Those men have their favourites. And when their favourite masseuse is not available, they sometimes have another favourite from our team.

Of course, when their preferred girls are not working – or fully booked – our operators try to accommodate the customer and make a recommendation for a different masseuse from our London team.

Tanja Is Coming To London. Great Opportunity To Meet This Exceptional Masseuse
2014-02-25 | 13:15 by: Monica Agnelli

Tanja usually works with our Paris partner. She is taking a massage course in London shortly and is therefore in the evening fully available for bookings. If you want a massage from one of the best girls in Paris visiting London, this is your chance.
We recommend advance bookings as Tanja is in high demand and available only limited.
Need an exceptional sensual massage from one of the most devoted and dedicated masseuses? Book Tanja now!