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Carezzia provides massage and relaxation therapies and does not promote nor condone prostitution, perversity and/or illegal activities. Any money that changes hands - as a result of meeting either directly or indirectly through this site - is solely for massage therapies.


Here in London prices for Tantric massages and other kinds of erotic massages vary. From cheap to reasonable to expensive with some agencies charging ridiculous prices for a well presented, but still ordinary backrub.

Our massages are not for everyone. Our rates are a reflection of the quality of the massages and the skills of our masseuses. We have fixed non-negotiable rates for a professional, quality naturist massage in London. Our masseuses have very strong hands so that your satisfaction is guaranteed at all times!

Remember the Rolling Stones song – ‘Can get no satisfaction’? Well, with a massage from Carezzia London there is no need to play that song buddy!


Our most popular massage in London is the Erotic Massage of 1.5 or 2 hours (see below). As a token of appreciation to our customers who book minimum 48 hrs. in advance by email or via our online reservation form we offer 10% discount on this amazing relaxation treatment. Conditions apply:

  • Book min. 48 hrs. in advance
  • Book via Email or Online Booking Form
  • Only for Erotic Massage of 1.5 & 2 hrs.
  • Session time between 12.00 and 22.00
  • Discount applies only inside London


Find below the menu of erotic and Tantric massages we offer. The rates are fixed and non-negotiable (don’t even try!).

* All rates are excluding transportation costs, subject to location.
In central London transportation costs are fixed at gbp 40 for the round trip.
Airport areas and a few other districts command a slightly higher fare – ask your operator.


1 hrs.
gbp 200*
1.5 hrs.
gbp 275*
2 hrs.
gbp 350*

This fully nude erotic relaxation therapy is our most booked massage in London. In every session your masseuse applies a variety of Tantric elements including a fully nude, nuru style body-to-body massage to awaken your sensual senses and stimulate erogenous zones.

The Carezzia Erotic Massage is sexually provocative; you will experience complete release, allowing all tension in the body to slip away under the skilled hands of your sexy masseuse.

It is London’s most popular massage; an exotic naturist treatment with warm premium grade massage oil for the true connoisseur of sensual relaxation. The massage has everything you can wish for: a skilled masseuse with a sexy body and stunning looks, an exciting fully nude body-body massage and an intense deep stress release.

This massage is favoured by international executives who visit London for their business. The nudist, full body session blended with an abundance of Tantric elements will relax even the most stressed-out business man.


1 hrs.
gbp 400*
1.5 hrs.
gbp 550*
2 hrs.
gbp 700*

Although an erotic tantric massage performed by one masseuse is already a luxurious indulgence, you can double this pleasure with a Carezzia 4 Hands Massage performed by 2 genuinely bisexual masseuses who find that your pleasure is their pleasure.

Many men have the fantasy of being pleased by two sexy women at the same time. This Carezzia 4 Hands Massage is an ideal way to fulfil this fantasy. The main focus of this massage is to give you pure physical and visual pleasure.

So whether you want to live your dreams or live life to the fullest, simply indulge in double pleasure and pamper yourself with two masseuses; you will see crawling, sexy nude bodies all over you and simultaneous feel sensual touches everywhere. But please be warned: a 4 Hands massage has a high sexual arousal factor and is not for the faint of hearts.

We recommend this massage especially to those who always had the wish to be pleased by two sexy women. You only live once. If you have always had the phantasm of lying on our back with two naked masseuses who oil you and spoil you, then now is the moment - sensuality beyond sexuality!


2 hrs.
gbp 425*
2.5 hrs.
gbp 525*
3 hrs.
gbp 625*

Carezzia’s Tantric Massage is a fully nude erotic massage mixed with a wide array of Tantra elements, including stimulation of the perineum and – depending on the atmosphere – a certain level of physical and mental interaction to relieve stress and maximize pleasure.

Your masseuse will focus on your erogenous zones, stimulating, touching, and teasing them to bring you to the brink of orgasm time and time again.

Internal stimulation of your prostate may be available at the discretion of your masseuse in exchange for a small tip; just ask her if you feel like.

The specific Tantric massage techniques are blended with music, aromatherapy and visual stimuli to create an optimum experience of sensual pleasure, offering both mental and physical satisfaction.

This fully nude relaxation session is our version of a contemporary Tantric massage. Contrary to the usual authentic Tantric or Tantra session, which must be performed by a Tantric Goddess, our Carezzia Tantric massage is way less spiritual. Instead of focussing on breathing exercises we focus on your state of sensuality. This is a session where sensuality goes way beyond sexuality.

Though we highly value authentic Tantric massage and have loads of respect for each and every Goddess here in London, we strongly believe our stressed but pleasure needing customers do benefit more from our contemporary Tantric massage performed by an experienced and skilled Carezzia masseuse.


1 hrs.
gbp 400*
1.5 hrs.
gbp 550*

Whether you and your partner are constantly on the hunt for new sensual experiences, or you are in a marriage that could use a little bit of spice, a Carezzia Couple Massage can be just the ticket.

A couple massage is indeed for couples and is performed by 2 of Carezzia’s finest female masseuses. You and your partner will each have a masseuse and the massage takes place at the same time, so that you and your partner can simultaneously enjoy this sensual relaxation therapy.

As this massage is done by 2 masseuses on two people on the same bed and at the same time, this requires that you have a room with a larger sized bed. When you intend to book your couple massage and need to find a hotel in London, we kindly suggest verifying the dimensions of the bed. Hotels in London do often have various options for rooms and beds. Queen size is minimum, King size is best.

Our couple massage is essentially an erotic massage, performed fully nude and includes ‘the mother of all erotic massages’, the body-to-body massage. It mixes physical exciting and sensually stimulating Tantric elements with visual satisfaction so that both partners ultimately will be back on Lover’s Lane.


1.5 hrs.
gbp 350*
2 hrs.
gbp 450*

Three years ago we introduced this special extra sensory treatment in London and since then this unique relaxation session has become quite popular by top executives visiting London on business.

The Sensual Surrender or Tie & Tease treatment is an extra sensory massage, with your masseuse making use of a number of various props which are designed to de-sensitize you to stimulate reaching your maximum pleasure level.

This is an erotic massage treatment beyond the usual. It will be very, very hard – no pun intended – but at all times you will remain passive throughout this experience as your sensual mistress ties you up with a rope. Your eyes will be covered with a blindfold to take away your sense of vision, allowing you to let go and give in to the massage.

The goal of all of these sensory deprivations is to heighten the sense of touch in order to reach a level of extreme erotic arousal. Because you will be unable to see your masseuse, you will anticipate her every move even more greatly than you would if you were in charge of the situation.

This is neither an erotic massage for beginners nor for the faint of hearts – also must ‘pussies’ not consider this kind of erotic entertainment in London.


1.5 hrs.
gbp 375*
2 hrs.
gbp 475*

Though extremely sensual and stimulating every part of your body, Soapy massages are not so popular in London; but we here at Carezzia believe that our range of sensual relaxation treatments is not complete without a shower massage. So for those who like it hot and wet the Carezzia Shower Massage can be an exciting experience; after all spice brings variety to life.

The shower massage starts out as the usual Carezzia Erotic Massage, but in the final half hour your masseuse will prepare a warm shower for you and take you into a stream of soap and sensuality coming from above.

She will join you in the shower and add a new dimension to body–to–body massage; like wind surfers, your masseuse will do it standing up!

She will gently and sensually rinse your body, leaving no spot untouched; and while using lots of soap and hot water your masseuse will finally release you from every drop of stress inside your body.


2.5 hrs.
gbp 400*

This session is only available between 19:00 and 21:00 local London time. You must reserve and confirm this option before 18:00, to allow your dinner date to have time to prepare for this extra feature.

With light hearted conversation and a tasty meal before your massage, you will feel the stress of the day start to melt away. For this special unwinding session we recommend to meet your masseuse in the hotel lobby of your London hotel and have your meal in the hotel restaurant or any restaurant close to your hotel.

The rate includes the fee for the dinner date, so you will have the best of both worlds: enjoy a delicious light meal as well as a soothing and stress-releasing massage. This erotic massage will last for 90 minutes of sheer bliss.

The dinner will be on you and should not last longer than approximately 1 hour.

Kindly observe that although this is a more personal experience, it is not an offer for any sexual services.



3 hrs.
gbp 750*
Add. hrs.
gbp 250*

For those high rollers in London who like to indulge in sheer sensuality and want a little bit of everything we have designed The Carezzia Wild Card.

As a matter of policy you are only eligible to book The Wild Card if you reside in a hotel located in Central London.

We recommend meeting with the masseuse in the hotel lobby so that you can personally discuss the type of massage directly with your therapist over a drink and a chat in the bar.

Depending on the mood-of-the-moment you can opt for a tantric massage with or without an internal prostate massage. You may also feel like starting your session with a warm bath or under the shower. If you want it spicy, your masseuse can throw in some ropes, handcuffs and a blindfold.
You may even consider some interaction – though this solely depends on the mood of the masseuse and is always subject to a tip. 

Kindly be advised that this Wild Card starts the moment you and your masseuse order a drink. At that moment you are expected to discreetly put an open envelope with the fee on the table so that both you and your masseuse no longer have to think about it and thing can get spicy - wild even!

Please note that this offer is not an invitation to escort services or any kind of sexual activity.